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There are many ways that you can honor your loved one after you have worked with a funeral home in Carver, MN on their final services. Once the funeral is complete, you can’t simply move on with your life. That person was still a big part of your past and you want to honor them in the future in the best way you can. Use these ideas to help you remember your loved one for the long haul in ways that show your respect to their memory.  

Save A Place At The Table 

Some families gather together several times a year for holidays, birthdays, and other occasions. When you’re together for a special reason, consider setting a place at the table for your loved one, but leaving it empty. They are always an invited guest and you hope they are there in spirit. Saving a place for them reminds everyone there of their presence at past events.  

Celebrate Their Birthday 

When their birthday rolls around, or perhaps the anniversary of their death, gather family members and close friends to remember your loved one. Share pictures, memories, videos, and stories about them to help one another get through the hard day. This is a great way to have mini-memorial services every year.  

Additional Memorials 

You don’t have to have one funeral or memorial service and that’s it. You aren’t limited to how many you can have. Every now and then, gather your close family members in a park or at home and remember your loved one. The setting can be informal and include stories or maybe you can release a balloon or do something else to signify their presence in the world.  

Place A Permanent Reminder 

If you’d like to have your family member’s name on something, dedicate a park bench to them, buy a dedication brick along a special path, or do something else in their name. You will have somewhere to go to remember them and others, even those who don’t know them, will recognize the name as well.  

Plant Something Lovely 

Whether you choose a tree, a rose bush, or a whole garden, doing some planting in your loved one’s honor can help you honor their memory as well. It’s their tree or their bush and whenever you tend to it or see it, you think of them. It’s especially beautiful when the birds and butterflies take shelter in the tree or busy you planted for them.  

Once you work with the funeral home in Carver, MN to detail the final services for your loved one, you can move on to other things in their honor. Ballard-Sunder Funeral & Cremation is here to help you with ideas as well as the details of the funeral itself. We’re located at 833 Marschall Rd, Shakopee, MN 55379 and you can get ahold of us by calling (952) 445-1202. Get started with the funeral package you need on our website at We’re here to help in any way we can, both before, during, and after the funeral services.

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