The Differences Between Traditional Burial And Cremation Burial

It is completely acceptable and popular, even, to be buried after you pass on. However, there are two types of burials. There are traditional burials and there are burials that occur after cremation services in Prior Lake, MN. If you know you want to be buried, but you aren’t sure which disposition method you want to have first, use the differences between the two to help you figure out what suits your pre-plans best.

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The Plot Size

When you look at burial plots, it is obvious that you would need a full-sized plot for a traditional burial while cremation burials take up much less space. You can have a very small plot for a cremation burial, which will cost you less money. If you need to save, or simply like the idea of taking up less space, cremation services might be the way to go.

The Container

With a traditional burial, you would need a casket for the burial process. There are many different types and materials including wood, metal, and eco-friendly options. The caskets go from basic to very elaborate and there are wide price ranges involved as well. With a cremation burial, you would utilize an urn of some kind. Those, again, range in material and style and you can also customize them. However, because they are smaller, they generally cost much less than a casket as well.

The Services

With a traditional burial, there is generally a viewing followed by a funeral the same day or the next. After the funeral, the family members and friends in attendance follow each other to the cemetery for a short burial service. Cremation services can be different, if you choose. You could have a visitation and funeral before you are cremated, if you’d like, but they aren’t immediately followed by the burial. You could also skip all that, go straight to cremation, and have a memorial service later in whatever manner you like. There are a lot more options involved with cremation and you can choose whatever suits your family or your preferences the best. Some people like the traditions of a regular burial while others like the choices involved with cremation.

Consider what your overall goals are. If you need to save money or you want to pay right away for services in the future and you don’t have a lot to spare, cremation is best. If you want your family to have a traditional service, regular burial is a good idea. Whatever type of disposition you want, contact the professionals at Ballard-Sunder Funeral & Cremation. You can ask about cremation services in Prior Lake, MN when you call (952) 447-2633. We can go over anything you’d like or you can set up a time to come in and speak with us in person at 4565 Pleasant St SE Prior Lake, MN 55372. We’re here to help you put whatever plans you’re comfortable with into place so you have peace of mind that everything is in order for the future.

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