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Meaningful Memories

We would like to assist you in making the funeral of your loved one more meaningful. Studies have shown that families who have “personalized their loved ones funeral” are better able to work through the grieving process.

Listed below are some suggestions in helping you plan a meaningful funeral or cremation service. Let us know if we can assist in any way.

• Use our Celebrant Services

Create a Memorial Tribute Video

Placing a flower on the casket or urn at the graveside by members of  the family.

• Ask a family member or friend to speak about the deceased at the service.

• Bring memorabilia that tells of the deceased interests or hobbies, i.e. fishing pole, gardening tools, golf clubs, horse saddle. Items can be displayed in or around the urn or casket at the gathering of friends and/or service.

• Military Display.  We can help you display the Veteran’s uniform, medals, letters, etc. as well as the American flag. This could coincide with the military honors.

• Use our “I Remember…” stationary for family members to complete. Typically these letters are placed in the casket and buried with the deceased. They can also be read during the service.

• Release of balloons at the graveside service.

• Special music to be played at the visitation. (CD’s, cassettes, or live music)

• Bagpipes can be  played at the funeral and at the graveside services.

• Boutonnieres for the casket or urn bearers.

• Memory Boards. Family members can take a collection of pictures and display on foam board (we will provide the easels to display the boards).  A 2’ x 3’ foam board typically works well. These can be displayed at the visitation and  service.

• Locket of hair. Some families find meaning in keeping a locket of hair for their keepsake. We also have jewelry items (i.e. keepsake necklaces) that can encase the locket of hair and be worn as a permanent remembrance. This jewelry can also be blessed by your pastor.  Ashes (from cremation) can also be placed in these keepsakes.

• Have a gathering with a special theme or at a meaningful location.