Are Cremation Services The Only Option?

You want nothing but the absolute best for your family members when they pass away. But, in reality, you might feel like you have to choose cremation services in Shakopee, MN because, financially, it’s all you can handle. Cremation is the less expensive option. If you’ve always had traditional burials in your family before, you might feel badly about not being able to go that route this time around. Take heart in your situation. Cremation is just as good as a final disposition method as traditional burial.

cremation services in Shakopee, MN

You Are Honoring Your Loved One

If you feel saddened that you can’t offer your loved one a traditional burial, don’t worry about honoring them. Cremation is a perfectly acceptable way to honor someone’s memory. You can show your respect to them through this disposition method just as easily as you can with burial. The method is dignified all the way through, there are simply fewer costs involved. Plus, you can have whatever type of service you feel is necessary around the cremation itself. You can have a memorial service, for example, that feels just like a regular funeral, if you wish.

You Get More Options

While you might have gone with traditional burial if you could, keep in mind that cremation actually gives you a lot more options. You can honor your loved one in a whole different way because of this disposition method. Take your loved one’s locations, for example. If people are spread out all over the country, you can wait and have a memorial service a week later, so they have time to plan and travel. Or, you can have the memorial service in a different location entirely because it’s easy to take an urn along with you so your loved one is there for the service. You also have options for final resting places. You can still bury the urn, if you’d’ like, but you can also spread ashes in a number of locations or simply keep the urn in a place of honor in your home. Some people even like to spread the ashes out among family members so everyone has a bit to keep in an urn-like frame or even an urn jewelry piece so they can wear it and keep your loved one close at all times.

If you really feel that cremation services in Shakopee, MN, don’t let the decision keep you up at night or make you feel guilty in any way. It’s a great disposition method that is used about half the time today. It’s accepted by most major religions and it’s become streamlined in today’s society and culture as well. If you want to talk about the options with professionals, contact

Ballard-Sunder Funeral & Cremation at (952) 445-1202 to ask questions. If you want to meet with the funeral director, it’s nice to visit our location at 833 Marschall Rd Shakopee, MN 55379. We’re here to help in any way we can. Just let us know what you want for your loved one and we’ll implement the plans.

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