Should You Post Obituaries On Social Media?

When someone you love passes on, you have the funeral home in Belle Plaine, MN help you write an appropriate obituary and then they post it on their website. You might also contact local newspapers and have it placed in them as well so you can spread the news further about your loved one. However, people would have to specifically go to the funeral home’s website to see it and perhaps not everyone you know gets or reads the paper any longer. How can you get the word out even more that your loved one has passed? And that you are having a memorial at a certain time and place? Social media is one option. Should you post the obituary on social media? The decision is completely yours.  

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Many people are connected to more individuals through social media than in any other part of their life. They’re “friends” online with co-workers, former classmates they no longer see, family members, and many others. If you are considering posting the obituary to social media, it is important to ensure that all important, close family members have been informed before you move forward with the idea. Certain people in your life deserve to hear the news firsthand and not through a post online. Once everyone close to your loved one knows, there’s nothing wrong with spreading the news further through social media avenues.  

Sometimes, everyone who needs to know has been informed and you don’t really need to spread the news farther. However, when you post the obituary on social media, you could get an outflowing of support from other people in your life, whether you keep in close contact with them any longer or not. Hearing from people with memories of your loved one, stories from their past, or even just a brief “I’m sorry for your loss” can help you receive the compassion you need during this difficult time.  

Think about your loved one and what they would have wanted. If they were a private person and kept things close to the vest, perhaps they wouldn’t want their death to be announced in such a public way. On the other hand, if they had an active online life with plenty of their own social media outlets, they may have felt honored to have the obituary out there for the world to see.  

If you aren’t sure what to do, ask the Belle Plaine, MN funeral home you are working with on final services. The professionals at Ballard-Sunder Funeral & Cremation can give you examples of people in the past who have posted on social media, or those who have chosen not to, and why. Give us a call at (952) 492-2818 to talk about final services, writing the obituary, or spreading the news around that a loved one has passed on. We have three locations, the closest of which is 104 1st St W, Jordan, MN 55352. You can speak with our funeral director in person there. 

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