Helping A Child Deal With A Loved One’s Cremation

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Children grieve just like adults do, but children aren’t always able to cope as an adult can because they often don’t understand as much. If you have a loved one who goes through cremation in Lakeville, MN, and you also have a child in your life, you will need to help them through the process. It can be even harder when you are dealing with your own grief, but it is important to touch on their feelings as well.  

Surround The Child With Acceptance 

Your child will need to feel warm, accepted, and understood during this time. It can be hard to give off that emotion when you are grieving and upset yourself. You want your child to know they can come to you and talk about their feelings at any time. However, if they are experiencing new feelings for the first time, they may not have the right words to express themselves. This can be a growing experience for your child and you need to accept how they feel in the situation, however that might be.  

Recognize Thoughts And Fears 

Children often have a unique way of looking at things and some parts of cremation might sound scary to them. Recognize their way of thinking and the fears they have about the process and try to explain things in a manner that takes those fears and sets them aside. They need to know that their loved one is not being harmed in any way during the process. Try to explain on your child’s level as best you can so they know not to be afraid.  

Understand Attention Span 

Your child may not have a very long attention span so attending a funeral or memorial service and sitting still might be beyond them. You could perhaps get a non-family member to care for your child during the event or you can take things for them to do quietly, like color or read. Sit near the back so if your child gets restless, you can exit without bothering anyone else.  

Balance Feelings And Activities 

While your child might be feeling sad or a lot of other emotions, they are still a child and they need to balance those feelings out with more pleasant activities. Remind them of fond memories of your loved one and invite them to play outside and just be a child for a while. Their life will be filled with enough grief and it’s important to let them live as a child for as long as possible.  

When someone you love passes on, it can be hard enough for you to deal with the emotions that come along with grief. If you have child, it can be even harder to balance what you are feeling while you deal with their emotions as well. When you have need for cremation in Lakeville, MNcontact Ballard-Sunder Funeral & Cremation, located at 4565 Pleasant St SE, Prior Lake, MN 55372. Give us a call and set up an appointment at (952) 447-2633 and we can talk about ways to help your child through the grieving process.

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