Dealing With Grief Over The Holidays

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Grieving is never going to be easy, but friends and family might tell you that visiting a funeral home in Chaska, MN over the holidays for a funeral is even harder. Even if the funeral was a while back, when the holidays hit, grief can start over again. Here are a few ideas to help you cope with loss over the upcoming holiday season.  

Be Patient With Yourself And Others 

When someone you loved passes on, it can affect your sleep, your eating patterns, your energy level, and many other things in your life. Even if the death wasn’t totally recent, you can see an upsurge in those patterns over the holidays when you would by buying gifts for them and planning celebrations with them. It’s okay to slow yourself down and not do as many things this year. Listen to what your body tells you and only do the things you feel up to doing.  

Create A New Tradition 

Find a way to memorialize your loved one in a special way so you can bring out their memory every year during this time. Maybe you want to buy a special ornament that you can hang each year in their honor. Light a special candle for them. Or buy gifts for needy families in their name. Continue old traditions in a new way or come up with something completely new to memorialize them.  

Cry And Continue On 

It’s okay to cry when you think of your loved one over the holiday season, but you also need to continue on with the holidays. The tears will come, but once the sadness passes slightly, it’s important to go on for the other people in your life that you love. Cry when you have to, but laugh and have a good time when you can as well.  

Remember Their Gifts 

Whether your loved one was known for making awkward homemade gifts or always knew just what to get, remember what they have given you and appreciate their presents from past years. You could make a list to remind yourself of the special things they have given you over the years or place a special present in view, so you see it and think of them often.  

There’s never a good time for grief and the holidays can hit anyone hard, even if their loved one passed away a while back. After you visit funeral homes in Chaska, MN, do your best to enjoy the holiday season. For the hard times, the professionals at Ballard-Sunder Funeral & Cremation are here for you. We’re located at 833 Marschall Rd, Shakopee, MN 55379. Give us a call at (952) 445-1202 and we’ll help you organize funeral services for your loved one, so you don’t have nearly as many burdens on your shoulders as you would have otherwise. Visit our website at to start looking into our services and give us a call with any questions you have. When the holidays roll around, we have resources that can help you through the tough times. 

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