Cremation Can Have More Than One Service

When a loved one passes away, you can choose to have a traditional funeral and burial service, or you can go with a Lakeville, MN cremation. When you go with burial, there are generally visitations, funerals, and then a burial service. They happen within a few days of one another or possible even on the same day. With cremation, there’s sometimes a memorial service or sometimes not. There can be an ash scattering, a celebration of life, or whatever else you want. The best part of utilizing cremation, besides the options, is that you can actually have more than one service. Here are a few reasons you might want to have a few different services.  

Lakeville, MN cremation

Family Is Too Spread Out 

While your family might have started in Minnesota, they have spread out in recent years. They could be all across the country by now and there could even be some factions that are in other parts of the world. Cremation allows you to put off memorial services to allow people time to travel, but that doesn’t always work, either. When some of your family members simply can’t make it back to honor your loved one, there’s nothing wrong with them having a memorial service of their own.  

Different Types Of Services Are Required 

Some family members might be used to funeral-like services while others prefer celebrations of life. When you utilize cremation, you can actually have both. There’s something comforting about a funeral that helps people get closure and to say a final goodbye. However, celebrations of life can be very therapeutic as well. These services let families put the bad times behind them and celebrate a life well-lived. They can help people remember the joyous aspects of the person’s life instead of focusing on their death. Both services can be very helpful to the grieving process and there’s nothing wrong with having both types at some point.  

People Have Different Ideas 

Not every family gets along well, but it’s okay to separate things and go different directions with services when the need arises. If one part of the family wants to scatter your loved one’s ashes while another wants to bury them, both are possible. Ashes can be split in nearly infinite ways and you can allow your loved one an honorable final resting place in several locations, if you’d like.  

Lakeville, MN cremation services allow you virtually endless options. One option that isn’t available in just every situation is the ability to have more than one memorial service. Whether your family is too spread out or you simply want to have several types of services, the capabilities exist. When you’re ready to start planning, contact Ballard-Sunder Funeral & Cremation, located at 4565 Pleasant St SE, Prior Lake, MN 55372. We’re here for you every step of the way and if you’re struggling with service types and styles, we’ll give you advice once we get to know you and your loved one through you. Give us a call at (952) 447-2633 and let’s get started. 

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