Ways to Deal with a Terminal Illness

When you or someone close to you is given a terminal diagnosis, it can feel like you’re spinning out of control. However, many people eventually find that facing their own mortality forced them to focus on what’s important in life. Planning for cremation service in Savage, MN maybe a good way to relieve your family of the burden when the time comes.

There are ways to cope with a terminal diagnose. Impossible as it may seem at first, you may even find that you truly enjoy your remaining time on earth.

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Get Information

You should become an expert in your illness. There might not be a cure, but there may be ways to mitigate your distress in the final moments. Learn how your illness will affect your mind and body as time progresses.

Figure Out Your Priorities

What’s important to you? If you don’t know the answer to that question now, you need to figure it out after you receive a terminal diagnosis. You no longer have time to waste. What do you want to accomplish in your life? You have important decisions to make. Do you want your medical team to exhaust all treatment options to extend your life or would you rather focus on your quality of life? No one can answer this but you.

Plan Your Death

You can decide how you want to die. There are no guarantees, obviously, but you can loosely decide if you’d like to die at home, in a hospital, etc. Speak to your doctor and your loved ones and see if your plan is possible. The goal is being able to die on your terms, in your own way. No one looks forward to death but you can try to make it as comfortable as possible.

Connect with Your Loved Ones

Use the time that you have left to connect with the people you care about. You might feel awkward at first or as though you don’t know what to say. Try to push past those feelings. Most people want to spend the majority of their remaining time with their loved ones.

You might have a couple of tough conversations. You and your loved ones are dealing with difficult emotions.

Finish Your Paperwork

Get your affairs in order as soon as possible. Sign your will and, if necessary, set up a power of attorney. These tasks have to be done while you’re still of sound mind. You need to think about your healthcare desires. Are you an organ donor? Do you want your doctors to try to revive you no matter what?

Say Goodbye

It’ll be gut-wrenching, but you’ll feel better if you do it. Say your good-byes. Say the words that you’ve always wanted to say but never had the chance.

Death make people emotional. At Ballard-Sunder Funeral & Cremation, our staff can help you plan a fitting end of life service that honors you or your loved ones. If you need to discuss your options, you may visit us at one of our three convenient locations in Jordan, Prior Lake, and Shakopee, Minnesota and we can be reached at (952) 445-1202.

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