Tips For Funeral Home Service Attendance

Attending services at funeral homes in Prior Lake, MN isn’t something you do on a regular basis. You likely always feel awkward and uncomfortable about the process. Death isn’t something that is easy to get through, whether you know the person well or you are just there to support someone else who has lost a loved one. Here are some tips for attending the service at the funeral home to help you get through the process with as much ease and comfort as possible.

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When You Should Arrive

You never want to be late to a funeral service, if at all possible. If you do happen to come late, slip into the back and take a seat so you don’t disturb anyone. But it’s really best to be early so you aren’t noticed at all. Come ten minutes early to get a seat, look over the bulletin, and speak to the family, if you’re able. If you don’t think you can make it at the right time, send your regards and ask what you can do to help later.

What You Should Wear

What you need to wear to the service depends on the type of service the family is hosting. For a celebration of life, it might be more relaxed and casual or bright colors might be best. For a formal funeral, you’ll want to wear something more traditional. Black is a standard color for funerals, but it’s no longer a requirement. Just wear something muted and conservative, like something you would wear to a business office.

What You Can Say

Keep in mind that nothing you say or do is really going to make the family feel better. You likely won’t have more than a minute or two to speak with them. You will just want to say that you are sorry for their loss and move on from there. You can give them a heartfelt hug or handshake as well. If you want to offer more support later, you can make a gesture by bringing food to the family or offering to run errands or do something else in their time of mourning.

What To Do

You might feel out of place at a funeral home, but you will just have to follow the lead of the person presiding over the service. Participate by standing when others stand and sit when others sit and make sure your cell phone is off so you don’t draw attention to yourself in a disrespectful manner.

It’s never easy to attend services at a funeral home in Prior Lake, MN, but when you have to pay your respects or support someone you know, these tips will help. Contact Ballard-Sunder Funeral & Cremation if you need to set up services for a loved one or if you want to set up services in advance for yourself. You can also ask questions about services you are going to attend so you know what to expect. Call us at (952) 447-2633 or stop by 4565 Pleasant St SE Prior Lake, MN 55372.

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