How to Introduce Kids to Death

Introducing kids to death isn’t easy. When you need the help of a funeral home in Shakopee, MN, it’s might be time to talk to your kids about death. Don’t ignore the subject, especially if someone close to them passed away. When people die, kids can become very confused. If you don’t speak to them directly, they may just think that the deceased is on an extended vacation.

Death is a dark, gloomy subject. However, when you speak to your kids about it, you need to be as bright as positive. You don’t need to pretend that death is something that you’re seeking, but you don’t need to express fear over either.

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Answer Questions

The conversation needs to be completely free-ranging. You can’t have limits on it. Your child’s questions about death might exacerbate your grief. However, there’s no way to avoid it. It’s critical that your child has a real understanding of what happens when people die.

Make sure that you’re completely explicit. Don’t try to soften the blow by using terms like “went to the other side” or even “passed away.” You don’t want your child to be left with any confusion.

Be Patient

Death is awful, even for adults. It’s okay if your little one is overwhelmed by their feelings. Let them now that they don’t need to react any certain way. It’s okay to need to cry or to feel angry. Losing a loved one can shake your entire core.

It’s also possible that your child won’t react at all. Understanding the gravity of the situation night be difficult, especially for very young children. It might seem callous when a child begins playing immediately after hearing about a death or doesn’t seem very interested in what happened.

Don’t be fooled.

Think About the Funeral

You absolutely have to explain to your children that their loved one is dead. However, you are not obligate to bring your child to the funeral. Whether or not that’s a good idea depends on a variety of factors like the child’s age and how close they were to the deceased. Most people expect children, even very young ones, to attend the funerals of their immediate family members.

Only you can decide if your child is mature enough to handle a funeral. Not every child is. Funerals are grim, long, emotionally-charged experiences. A rambunctious child who can’t sit still is going to have a very hard time remaining quiet during the service. Forcing them to do so will only make you uncomfortable and be a distraction for everyone else. There are other ways to share your condolences than attending the funeral.

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