Funeral Home Ideas For Staying Close To Loved Ones

When someone in your family passes on, you likely don’t want to part with them. That’s the hard part about death. That person is no longer in your life and you have only your memories now. However, with the help of cremation and a Lakeville, MN funeral home, you can stay close to your loved one in a physical manner as well. While traditional burial has you placing your loved one in a casket and into the ground, cremation doesn’t require that. There are other ways to keep your loved one close once they are cremated. Here are a few ideas your funeral home might suggest:

Lakeville, MN funeral home

A Customized Urn

While the funeral home can supply you with a simple urn to hold your loved one’s ashes, you can also choose to purchase something more special and customized to your loved one’s tastes. Once you have the perfect urn, you can also keep your loved one’s ashes in that urn within your home. Many people choose to place the urn on the mantel, so it is always present when the family is together. Others place it in a bedroom, a china cabinet, or other positions of honor. This is one way to keep your loved one close after their cremation.

Urn Jewelry

If you want to be able to share your loved one with other family members, jewelry urns are a good option. Small bits of ash can be placed in these urns and then worn so that several people have a touching memorial item to remember your loved one in a special manner. These jewelry pieces might be something that are passed down through the generations to keep your loved one’s memory alive.

Memorial Trees

If you don’t want to keep the ashes intact, you can plant them under a tree in a family yard or a special park. As the tree grows and flourishes over the years, you have somewhere special to go when you are thinking of your loved one. They are giving back to the environment and they are still close to your location, accessible whenever you want to talk to them and remember your time with them.

Multiple Scattering Locations

You can also scatter your loved ones ashes in one, or many, locations. Perhaps you want to place them around the family home and in their favorite lake or in a variety of other places. You will have multiple locations to go and think about them later on.

If you are going with cremation for a loved one and you want to find a way to keep them close to you, contact a Lakeville, MN funeral home for ideas on final resting places. The professionals at Ballard-Sunder Funeral & Cremation, located at 4565 Pleasant St SE, Prior Lake, MN 55372 have helped a lot of families through that very dilemma and can offer ideas and suggestions that might work for you. Call our funeral director at (952) 447-2633 for answers to your questions.

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