Coupling Cremation Services With Celebrations Of Life

If a loved one has passed away and they haven’t left instructions for what they want to have done for their final services, it can be hard to make decisions on your own. You can choose between traditional burial and cremation services in Shakopee, MN. Traditional burial usually goes along with standard funeral services, but cremation has a variety of options. If you decide to go with cremation, you might also want to celebrate your loved one’s life. Instead of focusing on sadness and their passing, you talk about a life well-lived within their final services. Here are a few things you can incorporate in a celebration of life event after cremation services occur.

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Memory Displays

Celebrations of life are all about happy memories and good times while the person was alive. You will want to focus on the best parts of their lives. Look through their pictures and items and put up a display at the venue so people can see their smile, touch things they loved, and look over items that brought joy to their life. You can even invite guests to bring things that remind them of your loved one to add to the display.

Bring Up Happy Memories

The person you love may have died after a long battle with cancer or they may have passed on more suddenly. Death is always tragic, but the focus of a celebration of life takes the sad memories out of the picture for the time being and allows you to focus on the happy memories. Have people share vacation stories, family reunion fun, and other such things during the event. You can bring up silly things your loved one used to say or do and stories about their accomplishments. The celebration of life is about a life well lived in every way.

Ask Others To Join In

You can have one person in charge of the event, if you’d like, but it’s nice to allow anyone in attendance to share memories, if they’d like. You can have a time of sharing and welcome anyone to talk about your loved one and bring up a memory. You might hear something you’ve never heard before and get a new insight into your loved one’s life that you may not have gotten otherwise.

There are a lot of other things you can do to celebrate life after cremation services in Shakopee, MN. Play their favorite upbeat music and encourage people to wear light colored clothes or their favorite color. If you’d like more details on planning an event of this nature, contact Ballard-Sunder Funeral & Cremation at (952) 445-1202. We can help you with the cremation process as well as with planning whatever type of service you want to honor your loved one around that process. We’re located at 833 Marschall Rd Shakopee, MN 55379 and we’re here to give you the support and compassion you need during a difficult time. Make time to speak with our funeral director in person and we’ll go from there.

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