After The First Year Of Grief

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People say that the first year is the hardest. But after you lose someone you love; do you really think you’ll be completely healed after just one year? Funeral homes in Jordan, MN can help with the final service arrangements, so you can honor your loved one in the way you see fit. After that is all said and done and behind you, you probably have closure over the situation. But that doesn’t really make healing that much easier. There are things that change during that first year of grief and once that year is up, certain things might take place that you need to prepare for. Here are a few such things:  

People Stop Talking About It 

When you first lose someone you love, everyone you know asks you how you are doing, what they can do to help, if you are coping okay, and so on. They might also bring up memories of the person they have themselves and other such things. But after a year has passed, it might seem as if those around you have forgotten about the death. They no longer ask if you are okay and they just assume you are, unless you state otherwise. They figure you have settled back into your life and no longer need help with anything. Time passes and time heals all wounds, or so they think. You may have to bring up your loved one yourself if you want to talk about them and if you need help after the first year, you’ll probably have to ask.  

Grief Sneaks Up 

While time can definitely help ease your pain, it doesn’t always get rid of everything. You expect your grief in the first year, but once a whole year has passed, it sneaks up on you. Perhaps you’re in the grocery store and you see your loved one’s favorite snack or you hear their favorite song in the car and the tears start flowing again. The grief is sneaky after the first year has passed and it can come up on you at random times when you least expect it.  

Memories Are Fonder 

Right when you lose someone you love, the memories of them might hurt and make you sad. You won’t make more memories with them, right? But once a year has passed, you look back on those memories with a fond smile. They don’t hurt as badly and, in fact, they can help you to honor your loved one by remembering them when they were their most happy.  

The first year of grief is hard for anyone, but it doesn’t always get easier once that year has passed. If you know someone who has lost a loved one, be sensitive to their process even after the first year is up. Contact Ballard-Sunder Funeral & Cremation, located at 104 1st St W, Jordan, MN 55352 if you are in need of a funeral home in Jordan, MNWe can help you arrange final services and get through the necessary events, so you can get closure and move on into your grief. Give us a call at (952) 492-2818.

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